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Born in Los Angeles, California in 1999, Hana Raees has painted since a child. After graduating from California State University Long Beach in 2021, she pursued study at art schools around Los Angeles and Florence, Italy. With a history of abstract yōkai works, Hana has begun a number of figurative artworks focused around self reflection.

Inspired by the Renaissance and the Italian masters that carried it, I am in the midst of a rebirth of my own. 

Presenting them as yōkai, most of my pieces captured the qualities of people who I keep dear in my life, or those that changed positions in my heart. Aware of social medias swelling influence, my work becomes intrinsic and guides my retreat from the digital universe. Now, my artwork reflects my longing for identity.

These upcoming paintings help me navigate the labyrinth of introspection.

In my art, I share my mind with you. Maybe you feel the same way too.



Nothing But Vibes


Los Angeles, California

Nothing But Vibes


Los Angeles, California

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